Miquita Oliver

Broadcaster - Television Presenter and Radio Personality

Miquita began her career co-presenting Popworld with Simon Amstell; a music show which reached iconic status. Leading her on to presenting C4’s strand, T4, for the next 10 yearsMiquita is a skilled and respected broadcaster.

In 2013, Miquita fronted the critically acclaimed BBC3 documentary Young, British and Broke and went undercover to find out the truth about Britain’s most controversial type of borrowing and met people whose loans have spiraled out of control, sometimes with devastating results.

Miquita is also experienced in live events, hosting the coverage for C4 from V Festival and Bestival amongst others, She was also the host of T4 on the Beach for a number of years.

Miquita has a strong radio voice having hosted a weekend morning show on BBC RADIO ONE & BBC’s 1Xtra.

In 2015 Miquita took part in BBC1’s primetime entertainment show, 24 Hours in the Past. Miquita and 5 others traveled back in time to work and live during the relentless hardship of Victorian Britain

In 2017, Miquita hosted Vandals and Visionaries, for BBC One West, exploring the creativity and criminality of street art in Bristol, and in 2018 Miquita and her mother (chef Andi Oliver) took part in the BBC2 Rally car race show Road to Saigon, made by Optomen.

2020 saw Miquita become part of the Stephs Packed Lunch family, presenting live every Friday for C4. 

In 2021 she co-hosted the Underground Railroad companion podcast for Amazon Prime and Video and The Sunday TImes Wine Podcast, she then went on to host The Sunday Times Culture Show made by Why Now Productions,  In the same year Miquita started guest hosting on Sunday Brunch, and continues to do so.

At the start of 2022, Andi and Miquita embarked on the family journey of a lifetime to reconnect with their West Indian roots, on a trip to the Caribbean for BBC2.

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