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Presenters 360

Presenters 360 represents a broad spectrum of talent. From highly acclaimed broadcasters to Bafta winning comedians and top social talent.

Our team brings a focused, dedicated knowledge and bespoke service to this constantly evolving world of talent management.

We have established relationships with all broadcasters, independent television production companies, social platforms, commercial agencies and publishers.

The 360 aim is to develop and nurture our clients across their preferred platforms to build successful, creative and long-lasting careers.




30 January 2018
Andi Oliver will be a judge on the BBC’s 2018 ‘Food & Farming Awards’

Andi will be a judge on the BBC’s 2018 ‘Food & Farming Awards’

24 November 2017
Lauren Lavernes’ new series of ‘Late Nights Woman’s Hour’ returns

Lauren Laverne is back in a new series of ‘Late Night Woman’s Hour’ on BBC Radio 4, with brand new guests partaking in hilarious and interesting conversations.

29 September 2017
The Last Leg is back for another Series

Alex Brooker will return for Series 13 of The Last Leg, alongside co-hosts Josh Widdicombe & Adam Hills