Dr Ronx Ikharia

Trans Non Binary Emergency Medicine Doctor

Dr Ronx is an award winning trans non binary emergency medicine doctor by profession.  On screen they are best known for their role as a presenter on CBBC's Operation Ouch. They describe themself as a queer, black, intersectional feminist.  Driven and determined, they self-funded their way through Medical School after leaving home in their teenage years, graduating from Kings College Medical School in 2011.

Dr Ronx faced a challenging upbringing and realises their unique story can help motivate and inspire young people from all walks of life. Dr Ronx is passionate about community, volunteering and giving back as demonstrated by them mentoring Hackney young people, giving presentations in local schools, raising money for various charities and championing young people to feel empowered to achieve.

Dr Ronx has hosted landmark documentaries answering questons facing the nation, such as Are Women The Fitter Sex?  and The Truth About Boosting Your Immune System for BBC One, the highly acclaimed Channel 4 investigative documentary Is Covid Racist? and taking their medical expertise  onto the streets in The Unshockable Dr Ronx for BBC 3.

In 2023 Ronx presentedThe Bias Diagnosis: Gender Injustice in Healthcare, a podcast series for Audible in which Ronx investigates one of the biggest injustices in modern medicine. They also had their first book published by Harper Collins entitled Amazing Bodies, one of the Little Experts series. 

Their motto is “You cannot be, what you do not see”.


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