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Katie King

Scientist & TV Presenter with a love for adventure

Dr. Katie King is a top-tier scientist with a contagious laugh who is on a mission to bring the joy of science to every household. Katie’s infectious enthusiasm, disarming humour and elegant explanations will have you falling in love with science and all the possibilities that it holds. Zealous about innovation, space, adventure and education, Katie continues to use her skillset to share her passions with all.

Katie completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge in 2022, working on novel ways to use gold nanoparticles in the fight against cancer. After her PhD, Katie produced and co-presented a
radio show ‘Nanotech: sci-fi or sci-fact?’ for BBC Cambridgeshire as part of her time working with award-winning science radio production company, The Naked Scientists. Katie regularly features
on podcasts sharing her love of STEM and nanotechnology.
Katie has been fascinated with space and the answers it holds for as long as she can remember.

Before starting her PhD, she was offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a research internship at NASA, where she worked closely with the director of Solar System Exploration searching for organic molecules on Mars. Katie then translated this work into a cartoon strip for Lucy and Stephen Hawking’s popular children’s science book “George and the Blue Moon”.

Katie co-presented two features for BBC’s The One Show commemorating the 50 th anniversary of the Apollo Lunar landings, has spoken at conferences about the future of space exploration and hopes that one day she will be able to conduct science in space as an astronaut.

Katie is passionate about educating and enthusing people from all walks of life to engage with science and the potential that it holds. She is particularly active in engaging with younger generations, working to inspire them into the world of STEM. Throughout the pandemic, Katie co- presented free live weekly tech lessons with Tech She Can, reaching over 30 countries!

Her work with Tech She Can, aiming to improve the gender imbalance in STEM professions, has also seen her speak at several conferences and mostly recently voicing her own cartoon character in ‘Katie
and Tex’, teaching children aged 5+ about the future of technology.
Outside of her scientific pursuits, Katie is a bona fide adventurer, and counts hiking in the Arctic circle and flying solo with the RAF among her adrenaline junky credentials.

Katie’s mission is to make science more exciting, accessible, and inclusive to all in the universe.