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Steve Booker

Photographer, content creator and entrepreneur Steve Booker has been in the social media industry for over 10 years. As well as creating content for his own channels, Steve has also been involved in a number of other exciting projects.

Steve was one of the first content creators to be commissioned for a series by the BBC. Starring in the BBC3 series, Mission Selfie; where he and a friend were challenged to undertake photo challenges whilst travelling across the world. Steve also co-created the award winning content series Pole to Pole where he travelled without cash from the North Pole to the South Pole, documenting his journey along the way. More recently Steve has taken part in trips that have included; cycling from London to the Pyrenees and around the Southwest Coast of England to raise funds for a London based Youth Charity.

His latest business venture has seen the launch of his own brand, ‘Nice Things’ which has taken him into the world of lifestyle and homeware curation.

Encapsulating his passion for Menswear, Lifestyle, Photography and Adventure Steve aims to bring his audience along for the ride and inspire them through his positive attitude to life and documenting his journeys.