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Dr Ronx Ikharia

Emergency Medicine Doctor and TV Presenter

Dr Ronx is an Emergency medicine doctor by profession.
They describe themself as a queer, black, androgynous intersectional feminist.

They self-funded their way through Medical School after leaving home in their teenage years. During this time they worked part time in retail, fashion modelled, and danced in music videos to sustain their progression through medical school. They graduated from Kings College Medical School in 2011.

Their desire to train as an A&E doctor began after foundation training and then took a year out before speciality training to work as an Expedition Field Medic in India. On returning to the UK, they began their A&E career and didn’t look back.

Dr Ronx comes from a difficult upbringing and as they progressed through training , they realised that their unique story could help motivate and inspire young people from similar backgrounds. Dr Ronx has an infectious personality. They are funny, enthusiastic, encouraging but also assertive, empathetic and very approachable. Juxtaposed with their aesthetic, they capture the attention of young minds.

Dr Ronx lives and works in Hackney and is extremely community-focused. They volunteer the time to give inspirational talks using their life experience to encourage and inspire young people to think about their desired future careers positively. Their motto is “ You cannot be, what you do not see”. Dr Ronx believes this so much that they have even crossed the river to give talks in schools in South London.

In addition to the inspirational talks, Dr Ronx carries out one-to-one and small group sessions with young people with a desire to attend Medical School. They have given interview technique mentoring and signposted young people to work experience opportunities.

Young people are captivated by Dr Ronx, and they have been asked back by popular demand to give talks at the annual Hackney Inspiring Young Women’s Event, organised by Young Hackney.

It was at this event that Dr Ronx was spotted by a TV commissioner and went on to film their first children’s TV presenting job, Operation Ouch on CBBC. This role is exactly how Dr Ronx aims to self promote their motto; they want young people to see Dr Ronx on screen and not only learn aspects of medicine, the human body and biology, but see and believe that they too can aspire to reach their dreams.

Dr Ronx also is involved in charity work. In 2017 they raised over £1000 for a refugee camp where undocumented Syrian refugees had settled in Turkey. They also volunteered there, distributing food and spreading public health messages.

In 2018, Dr Ronx raised nearly £2000 to send over 400 East end young people and their caregivers to see the film “Black Panther” at Genesis Cinema, in Mile End. Genesis were so impressed by their efforts that they offered 2 for 1 on every ticket. After seeing Black Panther, Dr Ronx and their friend Luke were blown away by the majority black cast and positive role modelling. This inspired them to use social media to raise money to ensure that as many young people as possible would also be able to see the film.

In addition Dr Ronx sits on a panel of Hackney Judges who meet yearly to award three nominated members of the Hackney community with the “Mayors Hackney Community Award” and in 2018 they were nominated for the Celebrating Hackney Women Award. In 2018 Dr Ronx was also invited to travel on the Hackney float for the London Pride parade.

2020 was an exciting year for Dr Ronx. They worked on the BBC3 programme ‘The Unshockable Dr Ronx’ and filmed their second series of Operation Ouch with Maverick TV. Dr Ronx also presented the highly acclaimed Channel 4 investigative documentary ‘Is Covid Racist?’ which looked at why Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic NHS works have been hit harder by Covid-19.

2021 has also gotten off to an exciting start for Dr Ronx. They have had two poignant and important documentaries air so far this year. Firstly Dr Ronx presented ‘The Truth About Boosting Your Immune System’ on BBC One, which looked at how we can defend our selves against Covid-19 but also how to boost your strength during cold and flu season. Dr Ronx also presented the Channel 4 documentary, ‘Are Women the Fitter Sex?‘, and asked why more men than women are being affected by Covid-19.

Dr Ronx can also be seen presenting Series 9 of ‘Operation Ouch’ on CBBC.

In their spare time Dr Ronx is an keen runner and cyclist. They run the Hackney Half marathon every year, has cycled from London to Paris and completed the coast to coast, all on their Brompton bike!
Dr Ronx has a penchant for suits and Nike Air Max 95s, which they feel that being their true quirky self makes them approachable to all.

Dr Ronx is passionate about everything that they do, their unique aesthetic , medical knowledge, engaging manner and desire to amplify the voices of young people, makes them one of Independent’s exciting talents.