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Noel Fitzpatrick


Professor Noel Fitzpatrick


Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, originally from Laois, Ireland, is a world leading orthopaedic-neuro veterinary surgeon.

Noel is managing director of one of the largest veterinary referral centres in the UK: Fitzpatrick Referrals, the UK’s pre-eminent and largest dedicated small animal orthopaedic and neuro-surgical facility in Surrey, employing over 250 veterinary professionals and comprising superlative surgical, diagnostic and rehabilitation facilities.

Noel has been the subject of a number of TV documentaries, which have been broadcast internationally. In 2010 BBC commissioned the six episode Bionic Vet, showcasing some of the remarkable science of Noel’s procedures. In 2014 Channel 4 started airing The Supervet which has run for 10 successful series, and has the highest audience appreciation figures of any show on the channel. The programmes explore the importance of the human-animal bond in society and our moral responsibility for animals in the context of advanced medical and surgical care.

For the last three years Noel has been a guest on Channel 4’s Crufts coverage to share his experience and ethos for responsible animal guardianship.

In 2017 he was a presenter alongside Steve Jones and Kate Quilton on Animal Rescue Live, the Channel 4 show that ran live over 5 consecutive days from Newcastle Dogs and Cats Shelter. The show set out to rehome as many rescue animal residents as possible, as well as raise awareness for nationwide animal adoption and advocate responsible animal care.

A trusted source of knowledge and information, he moves and inspires others with his leadership, his life-enhancing treatments, his teachings and his passion for providing hope and solutions to animals and their families.

He has delivered more than 700 academic lectures and talks around the globe for more than a decade, including being a keynote speaker at both human and veterinary congresses. Noel is regularly invited to speak and inspire audiences from within the veterinary and medical industry and beyond, including students, the British Army, Art and Literature followers, City financiers and opinion formers.

In 2018, Noel will embark on his first nationwide arena tour, the first veterinary surgeon to do so. The tour will share an insight into Noel’s personal journey from his early years in Ireland through to today where the future of medicine is full of incredible potential. The 18 location event is designed to be a deeply immersive experience and enable Noel to inspire and move the audience as he illustrates some of his remarkable techniques and shares his unique ethos and stories.

Noel has been instrumental in bringing the concept of One Medicine to the fore in the UK, establishing a platform for the cross-pollination of expertise and ideas between veterinary and human medicine. One Medicine is at the heart of Noel’s mission and the cornerstone of The Humanimal Trust, the charity he has founded to promote this cause.


Date: 2014-2016
Production (role):
The Supervet
Channel 4
Date: 2010
Production (role):
The Bionic Vet


  • Date
    Production (role)
  • Date: 2014-2016
    Production (role): The Supervet
    Company: Channel 4
  • Date: 2010
    Production (role): The Bionic Vet
    Company: BBC