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Hollie De Cruz

Entrepreneur, Positive Birth & Motherhood Educator, Creator of YESMUM Affirmation Cards

Hollie de Cruz is a renowned antenatal educator and celebrity birth coach, a social entrepreneur and founder of the award-winning yesmum® affirmation cards and meditation MP3s for women, children and families.

She has been involved in a host of wide-reaching wellbeing collaborations, with her relaxing and recognisable voice leading to projects with The London Philharmonic Orchestra and BBC Bitesize.

Hollie promotes all of her endeavours and positivity through the power of social media and has gained extensive recognition within the Instagram and mum-blogging community. Her book, Your Baby, Your Birth – hypnobirthing skills for every birth has made Amazon bestseller lists, and her online birth education course, the yesmum® birth project, is enjoyed by women all over the world. Her second book – Motherhood Your Way, is due for publication in 2021.

Hollie’s ambition is to change the face of birth and motherhood through wellbeing, mindfulness and educational empowerment.