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Daz Black

Popular YouTube Gamer, Household Vine Superstar & Comedy Writer

Daz Black is a social media entertainer

Real name, Darren Blackmore he first started his career when he downloaded the app Vine in April 2013. Within weeks he grew in thousands of followers, even gaining fifty thousand over night in June 2013. His Vine videos consist of six second comedy sketches where popular characters such as happy cloud, Mr and Mrs thief and many more caught the attention of millions of fans. He currently sits at 3.3 million followers on the Vine platform and has even branched out to multiple platforms such as YouTube where he started a channel called Daz Games. His YouTube channel consist of gameplay playthroughs with comedic narration. He also continues to film and write comedic content and aside from social media is also an actor.

Starting off in the independent scene with short comedy’s such as “once upon a time in Nazi Germany” and ” The Fight for Princess Marcel’s Booty” in 2014 and even lending his voice to the upcoming video game “faceless” in 2015. Daz also made appearances in feature films such as ” Brotherhood” and “Eddie the eagle” as cameo roles. Daz has found a place on most social platform and continues to write, act and put out regular content for his fan base.