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Annie Clarke

Annie Clarke is an East London based yoga & meditation teacher, author and founder of lifestyle and wellbeing blog, Mind Body Bowl. Annie’s approach is holistic and accessible using the principles of yoga and applying them to a modern day lifestyle. As well as publishing her first book in 2017, she also created the lifestyle and well-being platform Mind Body Bowl. She now hosts international yoga retreats, and in January 2020, launched her online yoga studio ‘The Practice’ which has grown to a community of over 1000 members.

Annie has worked with a host of brands including being the first European Resident Ambassador for Lululemon. From headlining festivals, to multi-platform content creation, Annie has an authentic approach to collaborations where she amplifies brands that she truly believes in with her global presence. Named as one of the fitness stars of 2017, alongside Annie’s first book being published in February 2017, she continues to host, teach, cook and speak about her practice at events of all sizes.

Annie also co-hosts a brilliant podcast, Can We Just Ask, which opens up a platform to discuss and share ideas around the World’s social and environmental issues.

With previous clients spanning lifestyle, health, wellbeing, travel and fashion, Annie always ensures that her content is authentic, both to herself and the collaborator.